5 Things to Ask Your Caterer

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We know that choosing a caterer is a big part of planning your special event. We want to help you ensure that you can make the best decision possible. Here are a five questions you should ask before choosing a caterer.

How many other events will you have scheduled on my event day?

Obviously the fewer the better however the size of the catering company may be adequate to service multiple events. This is probably not a deal breaker question though it could be a factor to consider if you are deciding between two caterers.

When does the caterer need the final choices and head count?

You’ll want to be certain to set your RSVP date prior to your caterer’s finalization date. They will need some lead time to get the ingredients and staffing arrangements made.  Get this date as early as possible and in writing.

Have they done events at the venue you’ve selected?

Any good caterer should be able to adapt to the facilities at the venue. The venue may be better suited for certain types of service. A long walk across uneven terrain at an outdoor event might be a bad idea for plated service. Distance from the kitchen to guest seating or the serving area is worth considering. A caterers prior experience at the venue may be a big help.

What services are or are not included?

There are many things that will need to be handled that fall into an ambiguous category. Find out what your caterer will handle during the event such as; setting out place cards or menus, wine pouring during the meal, pouring the champagne for the toast, cutting the cake, etc.

Are there any fees or amounts that will not be reflected in the quote?

Ask about taxes, services fees, gratuities or anything else that will move the quote upwards. Get estimates of these additional costs and use them when evaluating the catering quotes.




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