As the seasons change, as does Romega Floral.
All of our designs follow the natural transitions of life.

We believe our floral concepts are as natural as the flowers themselves and with our designers intuitive placement, rich vibrant colors and organic tones the arrangements are applicable for any occasion. We stand passionately behind the wildflower wanderlust aesthetic producing the most compelling and intuitive works of flora art. With different varieties and styles of events, regardless of occasion our experts will bring artistic taste, emphasizing the beauty in every detail. Floral concepts that range with diversity, size, season, and color is Romega’s way to increase the life of any event environment.



Our designers hand select individual flowers from local and worldly sources for curation merely hours before our clients get to enjoy our beautiful product.

Floral Process

Each step of the process plays an important role in giving our floral designs a unique look. All aspects from selection of vendors and markets to our methods of transportation are crafted and executed with quality and precision.



With our adamant attention to detail and precision of techniques the final product our designers create brings attention and strike admiration to our clients and their guests.


Romega Floral Designers have been perfecting their skill in a constantly evolving industry through worldly knowledge and adaptability to create everlasting one-of-a-kind moments for any occasion.


Wedding Florals

With all the work and effort of planning, it all comes together in one unforgettable day. The day when love is in the air, all set is near perfection in anticipation for that one special moment. As lush or modest the bride’s desires may be — our designers will construct a Garden of Love Wedding only dreamt of, leaving every guests with memories.